Silverbacking myself: UXCamp London talk

I have been discussing my use of Clearleft's Silverback with a couple of people, so here comes more on that. Silverback is my tool of choice for practicing and sharing presentations. At a rough level - I usually run through my talk once, and that's it. Otherwise you can spend hours being self-critical and tweaking the video. It's my first step of preparing a talk; I then try to do a dry run in front of an audience to get feedback.

As an example, I'm including the two parts of my UXCamp London talk "Back to the roots. If email is the past, is Google Wave the future?".

Part one is the presentation, in which I relate online communication to tribal culture and secondary orality.

Part two is a brief look at my Wave account. I don't even try to explain Wave from scratch - Google put an hour-long video up to do so, and I can't do better than that. I apply my ideas around 'back to the roots of communication' to thinking about Wave and what it could become. I will continue riding the Wave, and I'm curious to see what happens. Right now, it's all a bit much, but very powerful, and I can see where it could be going. Well, I might be completely wrong. Lots more thoughts around Wave, and I realised when watching the video all the things that I intended to mention, but didn't. But hey, it's all about conversations, so get in touch via your preferred communication channel.

If you don't like videos, you can find the slides for my talk on Slideshare, and I might do a slidecast.